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Home for the Holidays October 13, 2011

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They say “there is no place like home for the holidays,” and what could be more picturesque than a house dolled up in all its Hallmark card, Macy’s catalog glory?  Despite this sentiment, it is a common belief among sellers and REALTORS alike that selling a house and the holiday season don’t mix.  I say “Bah!  Humbug!”  People are infatuated with the season and making your property look like the ideal home will have buyers falling in love right under the mistletoe.  Many sellers get cold feet during this time and take their property off the market.  This improves the odds of the individual seller by limiting the number of competiting properties.   Selling during the holidays can also demonstrate the sincerity of the buyer.  Anyone willing to give up time celebrating to look for a new home is a serious buyer and deserves to have properties available for viewing. 

Because this region is so up-and-coming, there is no reason to put selling your home on hold just because of the season.  Southern Maryland is a transient area offering lucrative employment opportunities in Washington D.C. and surrounding military bases.  The result is a booming quasi-cosmopolitan, yet family friendly, community rich with amenities.  A quality home and the promise of the area are factors too great to ignore for festive nostalgia.  In order to make selling during the holidays easier you will need to have a knowledgeable REALTOR by your side that shares your enthusiasm.

Before getting started, sit down with your agent and make sure you are both familiar with each other’s holiday plans.  Part of the hassle of selling homes in the holiday season is synchronizing schedules so it’s best to lay everything out on the table in advance.  This allows your agent to maximize on consumers’ down time to schedule showings while they have more time off work.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to assess the quality of your agent.  A REALTOR that is hardworking and reliable during the holiday season is one worth having any time of the year. 

Finally, if you are going to keep your house on the market you need to make sure it’s ready for viewing.  During most of the year it’s advised that sellers depersonalize and declutter their homes.  There is a lot to be said for giving your space the universal appeal of the show room look.  People have an easier time imagining themselves living in your house if they aren’t reminded that it is your house.  However, the holiday season is different.  Seeing a home that appears warm and cheerful will entice buyers to make happy memories here as well.  Please note I’m not giving carte blanche to fill every nook and cranny with dancing Santas.  Tasteful, seasonal decor with one or two professional, family photographs is best.  This keeps the clean, streamline effect buyers like while maintaining the personal flair we cherish during the holidays.

Keeping these aspects in mind, I hope you have a new found confidence with keeping your home on the market during this season.  This can be an opportune time to showcase your property to truly interested buyers giving them the chance to have a new home for the holidays!